Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving... the ongoing saga

Sorry for dropping off the map for those who check our blog regularly. At the end of May we moved into a mission guesthouse while the boys finished off the school year. Towards the end of June we moved to Germany where Jennifer is taking courses in Education and Theology. (I had originally signed up to do courses as well but my seminary wouldn't give me credit for them.) I have since left Jennifer behind in Germany to finish her courses while I set up the house. Last weekend I moved our stuff from Caistor Centre to St. Catharines with more than a little help from my friends and family. (Thanks to the good people in Caistor Centre FMC and Grapeview.)Just about everything is now moved but now it needs to be unpacked. I hope to have the house more or less organized by the time Jennifer comes home on the 23rd. She will be coming home with much homework and hopefully will be able to transition without too much difficulty. In the meantime the boys and I are enjoying home cooking. MMmmm, apple pie.

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Hannatu said...

I hope you're coming back! And good luck, Jennifer, on all the studying.