Friday, May 20, 2011

Answers to Prayer

I have had a few answers to prayer over the past little while. So, I think that I will list them in hopes that I don’t forget something:
• We get to stay in our own house when we return to Canada
• The boys and I survived two weeks single parenting while Dave was away taking a course
• The weird things that were happening with our electricity were more wide spread that just our house and thus not our problem to resolve
• Our car here waited until Dave returned before it broke down on the road! And the problem was only a battery issue and not the alternator or something worse
• We now have a car to use when we return to Canada
• We think that Ben may have been accepted into a French immersion program for the coming year (we aren’t sure because the acceptance e-mail said that he was accepted into the seventh grade and he will be going into fifth!). If that is the case, it means the boys will be able to be in the same school.
• Rain! We had a slight taste of rain this past Saturday, but unfortunately it didn’t amount to much where we are living and so the heat continues
• Preparations are starting to come together for our move at the end of this month (we will spend our last couple of weeks here in a guest house before going to Germany for studies)
• If you are reading this it means that I even had enough power and internet (at the same time!) to post this
At this time of year it is really difficult to keep our focus on the Giver of Joy and not get caught up in our circumstances, but we are grateful that we really do have a lot to be thankful for. Please pray that we would be able to have contentment regardless of our circumstance—it is such a difficult lesson to learn! Praying that you will know His joy and contentment too.

PS. This is dave. The car is starting to die again. I think it's the alternator killing the batteries but I don't know. My mechanic is closed until Monday. Don't know how we'll get to church on Sunday but God will provide. Internet is really intermittent.

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