Tuesday, January 4, 2011

King's Kid

Ever have one of those moments when you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were blessed. I had quite the conversation yesterday at breakfast.

Ben was very impressed with a buffet breakfast in the hotel that we are staying in and turned to me and said “I feel like a king!” (It is amazing what unlimited bacon and 2 kinds of sausage can do for a nine year old boy.)

I told him that I was very happy and asked him to take a moment and take a picture to put in the back of his heart and mind so that he could remember clearly the feeling of being blessed by God. So, that the next time that things got rough in Niger or Canada or where ever he happened to be, he could recall this moment and remember that regardless of his circumstances God truly loved him. Both Cole and Ben took a minute and closed their eyes and savored the moment of knowing a loving God that cares for them (a true act of worship).

We all need moments like this to carry us through the rougher spots in life. It is my hope that if you are going through one of those rougher times that you can recall clearly God’s blessing and sense His presence. On the other hand if you are having a moment like Ben and everything seems to be going your way, take a minute and remember the source of that blessing.

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