Friday, January 15, 2010


I have been reminded once again of the goodness of our God. We felt so blessed during our three weeks in Canada. The doctor’s appointments went well. We were able to cover all of our expenses and had some left over (thanks to the many that helped with that!!). There was a good group that was able to meet with us at our open house. (We only wish that there was a little more time or a little more of us to go around—so that we could have had more of a visit). We got to enjoy the snow and have a white Christmas for a change, so the boys were able to go tobogganing and have a snowball fight. There was so much good food that I think we all put on 10 pounds (the boys needed it much more than Dave & I did!). And we wandered Walmart, Costco and various other malls and stores in awe of the abundance in our native land. My only regret was that I was too busy experiencing to think to take pictures. I hope a few family members were able to get some.

We are slowly trying to find the right time zone and get caught up on all the things that didn’t get accomplished while we were away. Please pray that we will find a time when we can get away for a personal retreat, so that we can focus on God, to know what He would have us do and get our priorities straight, in order to make the most of 2010. Continue to pray for our health as well, I am fighting a head cold that makes getting caught up a bit more challenging and I hope to not pass it on to the rest of the family. Blessings for your 2010!

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