Thursday, July 30, 2009

Electricity and Foolishness

I am feeling kind of foolish this morning and typing as fast as I can, hoping that I will be able to get this posted before the power goes out. Last night we had power for only one hour (between 2-3am). I am so grateful that we have had some rain this week and the temperatures have dropped (it was about 28C last night) so that we could sleep even through we couldn't use our fans. --I still find it amazing how when the whole city is out of power the mosque next door can still find power for their loud speakers at five am, but that is probably because it runs on a car battery or something.
I suspect that we are having rotating power which is why I am concerned about posting this and the biggest problem is that our gas tank is empty and the pumps at the station only work when there is power. Please remember us in prayer.

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