Friday, May 22, 2009

Grace and second chances

I am glad that our God is the God of second chances even though that frequently means that we are called upon to exhibit a similar grace.

Today was not the greatest day in the Wright household and I should have realized that it wasn’t going to be an easy one by the way it started. I had a heated discussion with one of the boys about why I needed to have a light on to eat breakfast that resulted in a hunger strike. Thankful Dave was there to extend grace while I got ready for my board meeting.

As I was leaving the board meeting (that wasn’t one of my finer moments –I kept falling behind in trying to keep the minutes and missed out on some of the discussion), Dave came over to me and said I needed to see what our other son had done. Thus getting dragged into another conflict that I thought I was being called upon to resolve with little or no idea of what was going on (thankful that was a misunderstanding on my part, because I really didn’t need it at that moment and someone else had done the conflict resolution already). But then when I get picked up at the end of the same board meeting (school board meetings take the better part of the day here—so don’t complain the next time your official board meeting runs a little over the scheduled hour that it is supposed to take!), I get to the car just in time to see an all out brawl happening in the back seat complete with tears and fists flying. Dave’s response was to yell which didn’t really help things, but after things cooled down a bit he prayed. I knew that as he was praying God was revealing to him the battle that was going on in our house and individual lives. Most of all Dave’s prayer reminded me of how grateful I am that God extends His love and grace to us regardless of our circumstances.

Please keep Dave in your prayers over the next couple of weeks as his work load has intensified with the course that he is teaching at the bible school and with the church plant that we have been assisting with. Also pray for my contacts with my neighbours, it seems like everyone is having babies these days which helps to provide a natural outlet for visiting at the naming ceremonies. The mothers also seem to appreciate my visiting their homes while they are in their 40 days of seclusion postpartum. Although I have found it a real stretch for my Zarma when there is no one around that can help by translating the odd words that I don’t know. I guess it is another opportunity to learn to “be still and know…” or at least be quiet and just relate. This is a picture of the sweater that I crocheted for my neighbour friend that just had a baby.


Beth said...

Just want to tell you again that I'm praying for you and your family Jenn especially for your precious boys.

Maxwell Family said...

Once again I am grateful for our honesty.
It sounds like Satan is raging a war around your home, while Dave & you are trying to do meaningful work. Keep praying and we will too. We feel the attack as we prepare to return to Niger. Let people know your needs, ask them to pray. It is not a battle against flesh and blood (though the boys make it that way) it is against demons & principalities. God has already one! You will be victorious.

Anne said...

Hi Dave and Jenn,
Grace sent me Daves harley story and I could relate a bit as to the worry of having a son drive one Both of my boys had one and one was prone to trying to outrun the RCMP.

As I read todays message I thought I had better write a note to tell you my husband and I are praying for you and the boys. My boys have grown so now it is the grandchildren that Satan attacks the most. However we all know Who is in control and we will not be defeated. We pray God will bless you richly for your obedience to serve Him in difficult situations.

Annie and Mike Fearon