Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas update.

This morning I am working on the computer by candle light because our electricity keeps kicking in and out and our light in the office won't stay on. I decided that this was Dave's turn to write, but he hasn't gotten around to it, so I am taking part of a Christmas thank you letter that he wrote to fa riend and sharing it with everyone, just don't tell him I did that, ok? I will try to add pictures when the electricity gets a little more steady.

Thank you for remembering us at this Christmas season. We really appreciate your prayers. Christmas Eve we opened our front gate to welcome neighbours onto our front porch for cake and juice. I have no idea how many came but I would guess maybe in the range of fifty. Along with the goodies I recounted the story of Mary and the angels who visited in Zarma with a picture book. For many perhaps it was the first time they heard the story in their own tongue.
This morning I've been working on a bible study for a woman that Jennifer and I have been working with for the last few months. As a child she used to save her lunch money to buy tracts sold by a church in her community. She hid them under her pillow knowing how her family would react if they found them. As an adult she was haunted by nightmares until one night Jesus came to her in her dreams and chased them away. That was about a year ago, and since then she's slowly been looking for a church and Christian fellowship. God put her in our path through our language teacher who said he'd met someone who was looking for some Christians to tell her more about Jesus because she was full of questions. Since then we've given her a bible and started a gradual discipleship process
Recently, a cousin who was living and working out of town gave her his apartment to use for free while she looks for work. (She has nurse's training.) A week or so later he arrived in town sick with Typhoid. He is afraid to go back to the community where he was running a restaurant/bar because the rumour had gone around that the competition in town had used sorcery to chase away his clientele and make him sick. Pray that we will have wisdom to know how to share God's love, truth and power with him and her.

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