Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cokes and Air-conditioning

I poured myself a coke at 8:30 this morning (and got caught in the act). I said that I realized that it was a bit early in the morning for a coke, but since I had been up in the night and had been working since 4:30 in the morning I figured that my morning was already about half over. My friend that had caught me in the act (I was working at the boys’ school) said “What’s the difference between coke and coffee, especially here! It is hard though when you start to measure your days by cokes or coffees. ” So, how many coffees or cokes have you consumed today?
We are in the last few days of Ramadan which means the loud speakers on the mosques have increased in their volume and intensity (the reason for my lack of sleep and the use of coffee and coke). My language teacher told me something interesting the other day. He said the twentieth day of Ramadan is the night of power where people stay up all night praying and reading their Qu’ran, but any time between the 20th and the 30th if a person sees an angel they are allowed to ask for anything that they want from Allah. As a result there is an increase in activity the last few days of Ramadan. In an act of desperation to try to get a good night’s sleep, I tried to counter this the other evening by closing all the windows and using the air conditioner. (We try to save the air conditioner for when it is absolutely necessary during the hot season, to save on costs). However, some insects had decided our air conditioner drain would make a great home and blocked it with a hive. This discovery was made about a half an hour after I fell asleep when I started to receive a shower from the air conditioner when it couldn’t eliminate the condensation the way it was designed. Dave hadn’t gone to bed yet so instead of getting in on the shower he was blessed by a wet pillow.
This morning Dave tried to fix it by sticking his finger in it while it was running. (Mistake!) He still has a finger but the fan inside is missing a couple of teeth. I am truly grateful to say that the air conditioner is being repaired as I type this (but the repairman says that the part he needs to fix Dave’s mistake is hard to come by, but it shouldn’t be too noisy if you keep the fan on low).

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Anonymous said...

My goodness! I developed an addiction to Coke in Ghana that I brought back with me to Canada. It was the refreshment of choice, that's for sure!

Hope Dave's finger is ok!