Tuesday, April 8, 2008


You know that it is Sunday when...
This blog was going to be about breaking my water bottle on Sunday. (The bottom just popped right out of it. I had taken it from the freezer, added a bit of water and got in the car to go to church and the heat of the car found the flaw in the bottom). I have been thinking on and off all day about this and how it could make a really cool analogy for so much of life, but instead I think I just need to write about my day.

  • This morning my alarm clock didn't go off (someone confessed later that they had knocked it about the day before).

  • My devotions were interrupted by an urgent phone call, “You were supposed to send bake goods to school today!”

  • The dog dug a whole in the driveway that I tripped in and skinned the palms of my hands and hurt my wrist.

  • I sat in my favourite chair, one of the only comfortable ones in the house (one that someone had brought in a suitcase from Canada) and the bottom dropped right out of it.

  • Two of my elastic hair bands snapped and I think that I have lost my favourite hair brush.

  • Oh and did I mention, that I have been fighting a headache on and off for the last two weeks.

Dave's response was, “obviously, someone has been praying for me!”

The details really don't matter because I have been through them all before in a variety of ways. You see part of what has been happening to me today is that Dave has been asked to lead a bible study at a local church tonight and Thursday and will be preaching on Sunday. It seems that when you are actively involved in ministry, the enemy tries his best to hinder, discourage or interfere where ever possible. Often we think to pray for those who are in leadership or are ministering (which is very important!) , but when was the last time that you prayed for those close to them. Take a minute and pray for your pastor's family this week. You may even want to write them a note of encouragement or do something nice for them. They really need it, especially on Sunday!

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