Monday, August 13, 2007

Weddings and Houses

I think that we may have been doing more house hunting and driving around town than I realized this week, because both Dave and I have been developing “driver’s arm”—you know, where the arm that rests on the window tends to get a little too much sun. I think that it is the result of not having air conditioning in our car. Sorry to those of you who were looking for an update last week (it came on Monday). With our most recent living arrangements we haven’t been able to access the internet very well or very often and we don’t have access to a phone other than a cell phone (much to the chagrin of my parents who are being so kind as to handle our affairs on the home front—with some difficulty right at the moment). Please pray for my parents with all of that!

Well here is the latest breaking news (or at least last weeks news):
We had the fun of going to our first Nigerien wedding this past week, which was fun, but a bit westernized. I will try to include some pictures (but the connection that I have is giving me some trouble with that!)

We think that we may have found a house to live in and are starting into some of the negotiations that go along with that. (This is a picture of Dave with the land lord and our "house hunter"). Until we can move into the house (there are some renovations that need to happen—like building a kitchen) we are going to be moving into another missionaries’ house who is leaving and their replacement doesn’t arrive until the end of October. Please pray that all goes well with this I think that all of us are getting pretty tired of moving and living out of suitcases. Please pray that we can make the right decisions that need to go with this house ie. appliances, furniture, guard dog and/or guard etc. Thanks for the e-mails of encouragement we appreciate them. (I have pictures, but can’t get them to upload, sorry!)

Now for the most breaking news!:

We have rented the above mentioned house and will be moving in when the land lord finishes the renovations, please pray that the land lord and work crew see these repairs as a priority too!

We were also invited to attend the 25th anniversary for SIL (aka Wycliffe) in Niger this past weekend. They are in the process of having the local churches take responsibility for much of the work of translation in the local languages. It was a great celebration, it was just a shame that we had to cut our stay short as we had to move into our third temporary home in Niger on the same morning.

The boys start school tomorrow and are really looking forward to it (or maybe just not having to follow us around town in the heat!) Thanks again for your prayers!


Sonya said...

Glad to hear that you've found a home. We will pray that all transactions will go smoothly....and we will pray for your family too. Soon ther will be no more suitcases...yeah!
Hope the boys enjoyed their first day of school.
God bless you all!

Sonya and David Biehn

Beth said...

So glad you guys have found a place. Trust that the repairs and building of the kitchen will go well so that you can move in and feel settled. How was the first week of school for the boys? Is Ben excited that he gets to be at Sahel, too?