Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Arrival in Niamey

Well we finally made it after all the hours of preparation and travel--at least all but one suitcase! We are all really feeling whipped right now with the lack of sleep and the heat. Tomorrow we begin the process of searching for a house, please pray for us that we can make it through all of this. It all feels a bit overwhelmning right at the moment. But we have made it through the first day and even managed to get in three meals today. (We were blessed to have friends take us out to dinner last night when we arrived!)
You can also pray for rain in Niamey the capital city where we are has only had one good rain so far and this should be the heart of the rainy season. I think that Dave has some things to say, but he may have to save them for another day.
Sorry are batteries aren't working in the camera right at the moment or we would send some pictures--hopefully soon.

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Sonya said...

Hey Guys,

It was great to see you at Maple Grove & your commissioning service!So happy to hear that God has provided safe travel and you are now "home". We will continue to keep you in our prayers.
(Dad & Mom send their greetings and prayers too!)

Sonya & David